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Arrow House Design Studio is a micro but meaningful interior design house based in British Columbia, Canada. Founded by Principal Designer Kelly Schmidt in 2010 with a move from Vancouver to the beautiful Vancouver Island with her family in 2016. Kelly continues to collaborate with clients and industry leaders in the field of architecture and interior design throughout Canada, Scandinavia, Australia and abroad.


With a focus on personalized and sustainable designs, and a background in Scandinavian minimalism, This design house is continually sought out for various scenarios: from residential to commercial projects, from retail projects to showrooms. Our works are the result of a continuous research on spaces, materials, lifestyles + cultures.


Together we'll discover and create the environment that isn't just beautiful but evokes your personality, your interests, and your way of life. I am not your typical designer and I will ensure your space is not either. I wholeheartedly believe that a designer client relationship is just that. A relationship.

Whether undertaking a small renovation or diving into a new build, this is a personal time for you. As your professional designer, it is my opportunity to explore your lifestyle through your stories and experiences you dream of having. I bring to you over 15 years of award winning experience and with it a critical design process to keep things running smooth, on time, and most importantly for most, on budget. My interior aesthetics envelop a calm confident appeal with designs rooted in timeless minimalism, natural resources, and quality craftsmanship with a devotion to individuality. Let me introduce you to the space that is uniquely, exquisitely yours. 



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