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Working together

With  over fifteen years in design + project management, Arrow House is committed to  ensure your new build or renovation experience is one you can enjoy from initial contact and discoveries through to conceptual and completion. 

There is, and will be, an abundance of choices, decisions, and timelines. All of which can be overwhelming but we have done this a few times.

Our design systems have been developed through years of experience and include:

// concept development, consulting and collaborating with architects, builders, craftspeople and municipalities.

// programming + space planning inclusive of drawings and construction documents.

// sourcing and procurement of all finish and installation selections. Our deliverables include a clear + concise approach to specification packages inclusive of trade + client relatable documentation.


// developing a defined scope of work that is cohesive of plans, schedules, and budgets.

// tendering + contract admin

//utilizing high industry standard of software so as to communicate clearly with all parties, be it client, supplier, tradesperson or municipality where required. 

// furniture design + art acquisition

Arrow House is available for both Private Residential and Commercial; including Retail + Hospitality designs.

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